Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

Today was a rough one. It was hard to get started. I had to get up earlier than normal because of several things going on this morning. So rolling out of bed was a chore itself, let alone jumping into Shoulders & Arms.

I did my best, but it was not impressive. I made it through and did Ab Ripper. But almost fell asleep during the workout. That tells me the diet plan is starting in. The lack of carbs is making me a bit weak. Mix that in with less sleep and wham-o….sleepy time.

It’s all a part of the ‘Week 1 Workout Follies’. It gets better next week. I’ve been through this before. I’ve gone much lighter this week. Half the reps, less weight, etc. It’s a good wake-up for the body. It’s a pretty dramatic change. Jamming my day full of work doesn’t help much, but that’s just something I have to plow through.

Speaking of work, I’m on the reporting beat tomorrow so I have to plan for a 13 hour day. That means tomorrow I get to enjoy my ‘day off’ of  P90X for the week. Too bad I can’t enjoy it.

Life, I guess. Onward!

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  • You need a few carbs; don’t cut out completely; get some good carbs. I went off of them a week ago and dropped 10 like a rocket but am weaker and more tired

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