Day 32: Rest Day

I shouldn’t be taking a Rest Day already, but there is zero time. Early to work on my reporting day and stay to anchor the late shows. So it’s a bit tough to get the time in to work out – so Thursdays are my day off.

Amway Arena Demolition
And so it begins...

Fairly uneventful day so far. Work began on the exterior of the Amway Arena. The developers say they are starting to remove the debris from inside of the Arena.

The ‘implosion’ happens in late March. So that should be interesting to watch. you can check out a previous story I did on the news of the implosion here. The developers plan to blow it up on a weekend morning so it doesn’t disrupt everyone in downtown. I’m sure there’s a safety reason mixed in there as well. So we’ll wait and see how it goes.

And unlike the old city hall that was blown up and used in Lethal Weapon – no word from any production houses to use the Amway for a similar purpose. CGI has come a long way, so the days of blowing things up just aren’t as popular. Too bad.

Almost weekend time. Have a good Thursdeeee.

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