Day 33: Yoga X

Good day to stretch out. I had some days off, so Yoga X was a good workout for the day. It’s amazing how you can neglect the stretching for just a few days and then be tight as a board in no time. I have wickedly tight hamstrings. Super tight. Some of the Yoga moves are borderline impossible, I.E. twisting right angle pose. I just can’t get a hand up in the air. My body does not bend that way. But I keep trying! Oh, to be flexible. I’ve seen tall guys who are flexible. For instance, the guy in the Kenpo X video is about 6’6 or 6’7 and can do the splits. Yeah, it’s freaky and wrong on all fronts – but he probably doesn’t have tight hammies like me.

Oh well, it’s a tradeoff. I may not be able to do the twisting triangle pose, but I can reach the peanut butter on the top shelf in the kitchen without fail. Later, friends.

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