Day 36: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Dr. OzMonday, Monday. You’re not that great. It was tough to get out of bed and get moving today. I had a Spreecast this morning and some other work to get done on the web, but I got my workout in before work at the TV station.

This workout is pretty good. Upper body. Lot of pushups and dumbbell work. But I was fried again, so the performance was less than stellar. It’s been like a roller coaster. One day I’m hammering it, the next I could crash. Hmmmm. Maybe I should ask Dr. Oz.

Speaking of Dr. Oz, he was at the station today. We shot some news promos with him. What a cool guy. Down to earth and not an ego-maniac like many celebrities can be. Hoping the promo turned out well.

Monday almost in the books!

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