Day 45: Changing it up

Well, made it halfway. Attempt 10 saw some success and some failures. But I found out what the problem with P90X is. It’s so damn boring.

I have grown eternally tired of being locked in the cage that is my apartment so as of this second, I’m changing up the game. I’m getting outside. I need to step up the cardio because I really need to get in shape now. I suddenly have deadlines.

So with that, here’s to the end of my latest attempt to conquer P90X. On to running outside and hitting my gym. And after my family cruise in 11 days (don’t think for a second I’m not counting down the days) it’s back to the real workout palace, American Combat Club. No one knows how to work your can into shape more than former boxer Mike Bell.

Seeya Tony. It’s been real. Just not real enthralling. Time for a change.


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