Day 5: Yoga X

Reverse Triangle Pose P90X
Reverse Triangle Pose: I couldn't even find a decent picture of a man attempting this. What does that tell you? This is TOUGH.

It was a good day to stretch these old bones out a bit. I never did Yoga growing up. I thought it was all a trendy joke. Wow, I was wrong. After doing Yoga, your body feels so great, it’s ridiculous. Probably because we rarely stretch (especially us ‘desk jockeys’ out there). I sit at a desk, then move to another desk, then back to my other desk. Eventually, it’s like your body just locks into a position. Add some pretty lame posture into the equation, and you’re asking for trouble.

Yoga stretches what needs stretching. And boy, do I struggle at it. There are some stretches that are so out of my reach (literally) that I just laugh. The ‘Reverse Triangle’ for instance. Seriously? My body simply does not bend that way. Three decades of tight hamstrings will get you that, pal.

But I try in earnest to stretch them out. One day I’ll put my hands on the floor and keep my knees locked. Some day, Gumby. Some day. See you tomorrow. First weekend workout – Legs & Back. Let’s do it.

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