Day 6: Legs & Back

First Saturday of the workout mix. Usually this is where I ‘can’t find the time’ to work out – but ironically, it is about the best day for me to work out because it’s the only day I do have free time. But I still managed to put it off until 6:00 P.M.! It’s funny how things you hate to do (dishes, laundry, cleaning the closet, etc.) all of a sudden take precedent and you get them done BEFORE working out.

Okay, I’ll work out in 20 minutes. Just after I unload the dishwasher.

Ah, the games my mind plays. Well, at least I did it. Tara was actually working out in the living room simultaneously (Doing Insantity – P90X on steroids) while I was in working out in my office. I tweeted that it felt like we were Beachbody headquarters. The good people at Beachbody shot out a mention!

Beachbody Twitter, P90X Tweet

Good stuff. Well, tomorrow marks one week! Still on the wagon and it feels pretty good. Good night.

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