Dinosaurs in Central Florida

Hungry Gator!
Alligator's snack at Kennedy Space Center

I have enjoyed living in different parts of the country. From the Midwest to the Southwest and now to the Southeast, I’ve learned a lot about the lay of the land and what LIVES on that land. I’m talking about creepy, regional creatures. In Minnesota, there wasn’t really a threat from one, main creature. I guess a black bear would come to mind, but I bet I’ve seen one in 25 years. So my vote would go to mosquitoes.

In Tucson, Arizona there were a few. Scorpions freaked me out. My first day in my apartment, I squished one into the carpet of my apartment (I was wearing socks). Thank God. No sting. I would go on to see about a dozen more. As for snakes, they were the king killers. Rattlers. But in my five years in Tucson, I saw ONE rattlesnake. So it wasn’t much of a worry in the long run.

Now that I live in Florida, alligators are the threat. I have yet to see one, but we constantly report on alligator sightings and the present day dinosaurs harassing neighbors. For instance, here was our latest alligator-related story:

Residents in a Palm Bay neighborhood are on high alert after a large alligator ate someone’s pet cat. Seventy-year-old Robert Geraci was browsing the Internet and sipping coffee Tuesday morning when he heard loud splashing in the canal behind his mobile home park. Geraci looked out and saw the cat in the gator’s mouth.

Bob Munch said it’s been hanging out in the canal, and just in the last week, has eaten the cat, along with a large crane.

“Oh God, I hope they get rid of it.  If anything ever happened to my dog….” said Munch.

So here’s to NOT seeing many alligators. I enjoy letting the wild stay in the wild. But I did have to share this crazy photo of a croc snacking on a pig at Kennedy Space Center. YIKES!

Later, gator.

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