Drive-By Salesman

I was on my home from a work event a few days ago and a strange thing happened. I’m putting along in my car, minding my own business and this obnoxious guy is hanging out of a pickup truck throwing me the ‘roll your window down’ gesture. As we came to a stoplight,  I obliged despite a fear he was going to shoot me.

“Heyyyy man,” he uttered in his burn-out voice, “I have some great deals on home entertainment components in the back of my truck. WAY cheaper than you’ll find in the store!”

“Naw, I’m good,” I said. I started to roll up my window.

“But dude — just meet us in that parking lot up there, you WON’T find a better deal any….”

Green light.

Then he started shaking his fist and bellowing like Chewbacca before ducking back inside.

Stay classy, man.

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