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Chances are you’ve seen these two car attendants on their little joyride in the 1986 comedy film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Ferris drops off a Ferrari (owned by his buddy’s dad) to parking attendants to continue his ‘day off’ with friends, later to find out many miles were added to the odometer when they got the car back. Panic ensues. It’s a hell of a movie.

It was a scene created for a movie. What’s crazy, is that it just happened in Central Florida. WFTV-TV Reporter Jeff Deal got a tip that a Port Canaveral parking lot owner did just that – took a little joyride with the $60,000 2012 cherry-red Corvette WFTV rented for the investigation.

Jeff Deal getting answers
Jeff Deal questions Jose ‘Jay’ Nieves, owner of Premier Parking Spot in Port Canaveral

From smoking cigarettes in the car, peeling out, hauling lumber and letting a little dog frolic on the upholstery – the video is pretty amazing.

Who says you only see this stuff in the movies? Great job, Jeff.

Careful where you park next time.

You can catch the first of the two-part series here. More on part two here and how the parking lot owner appeared to have broken laws and even abandoned his business.

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