EuroTrip Day 3: Day at Sea

Tara bundled up on the deck. The winds were kicking up and some storms were moving in.

It’s amazing what a little sleep does for you. We slept in since our first day was out to sea, and it felt great to be on Europe time.

After getting up, we had lunch at O’Sheehan’s, a mid-ship pub that sits in the heart of all of the activity on the boat. After lunch, we took a stroll around the boat – which is pretty massive.  We found the basketball court on the deck and shot some hoops. My game has gone nowhere but downhill. Blech. We found the gym and the spa and toured the rest of the ship.

There wasn’t much to seeat sea, but we did catch some islands as we cut across the Mediterranean en route to Naples.  We got back to the cabin early so Tara could take her time getting ready. I really wanted to move around so I hit the gym. It was crazy running on the treadmill and looking out into nothing but water. Very cool feeling. Didn’t make me run any faster, but it looked nice.

Treadmill on Cruise
Running on a treadmill was a wild experience. What a view!

We checked out the Teppanyaki restaurant after having a few martinis and talking with some nice Canadians. We always seem to run into people from Canada. Tara speaks their language, or something.  The steak and chicken at Teppanyaki was fabulous. It was a great dinner.

After dinner we went to Fat Cats, a jazz club and checked out a great band. They had an affinity for Prince, so it was nice to hear sounds from my Minneapolis roots. We stopped by the casino and lost a few more hands. Dealers. Urgh. And then it was back to the cabin for bed.

Tomorrow we hit Naples – the gateway to Pompeii, the isle of Capri and the amazing town of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. Rough weather is moving in, and we don’t have too much planned for tomorrow since we’re saving up for a big day in Rome. But there should be some nice sights that’s for sure.

Til then!

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