EuroTrip Day 6: Out Cold in Tuscany

We made every effort to get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We also wanted to tour a Tuscan vineyard and learn how wine was made. It didn’t happen. Wishful thinking, I assume. The lack of sleep over the last few days had caught up with us and it was time to pay the Sandman.

I managed to pass out at 6:30A.M. We were hoping to get on a tour bus about 2:30PM for Tuscany. Alarms were set for 1:30PM. When I passed out Tara woke up and couldn’t sleep. We were all messed up. She was awake several hours before crashing again. For a few hours we were sleeping in consort with every expectation to wake up at 1:30PM and meet our group at 2:30pm.

The alarm went off. We didn’t hear it. Tara someone woke up and checked the phone and shook me. It was 2:31PM. Sigh. All was lost. We would not see Tuscany, Pisa or Florence. We chalked it up to a loss and went back to sleep.

I woke up at 9:00PM. That’s right, 14 and a half hours after I passed out. I had never felt so good. We woke up and went to the Noodle Bar for dinner/breakfast. I ordered a glass of wine. It was a strange feeling to be drinking wine for breakfast. And seeing people gambling and yawning when I just awoke from a coma.

Determined to not let sleep keep us down, we organized a late night excursion to Nice, Cannes and the Mountain of Eze. We were about to hit France and we were going to see something other than the pillow!

After the Noodle Bar we went back to the room to try and sleep. Hahaha. Right. I stayed awake all night again and actually went to the gym at 5:00AM. First one there. That’s another strange feeling. But man, it felt good to work out and stretch out. We had a great breakfast and were about the take on France.

We were back. Bonjour!

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