Gibbstack Twitter hacked?

I was perusing Twitter and happened upon a tweet about Ben Gibbard (front man for one of my favorite bands Death Cab for Cutie). When I clicked on his handle, I was a bit perplexed as to why I was transported to another country, another world for that matter as I didn’t understand the language of the person who’d taken over his account. I did some quick searches as to if Gibbard replaced his profile name or simply dropped off Twitter as a result of some feelings of angst he had building up and was ready to apply to the lyrics of his new album. Was Gibbstack Twitter hacked?

My guess the language is Russian or something along those lines. So I’m assuming he’s been hacked.

Regardless, I found one tweet that summed up the confusion I had perfectly:

Gibbstack Twitter hacked?

Gibbard most likely was hacked because he’s still alive and well on other social platforms with the same profile name.

Clearly someone’s been messing with his Codes and Keys. I tracked down his latest tweets about Uber within the last 20 hours (or since his account closed). Not sure if his last tweet was enough to piss him off enough, or if he was hacked. Never know these days.

Either way. Great singer, great band!

Ben Gibbard Gibbstack Hacked

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