Giving it another shot

I just realized that title was a major pun given the fact the coronavirus vaccines have just started rolling out. Ah, I missed blogging. Lol.

What a fun year (said no one)! I hope you are all surviving and making the most of what is left of this infamous 2020. Most of us can’t wait until 2021. It’s days away. And I am going to attempt what I started nearly one year ago. I am going to try and blog every day of 2021. Crazy? Yes. Doable? Well, I would assume so…but I did fail last year.

When I look back to December 28th of last year, I had to laugh at the post title: The calm before the fricken storm. How naive. How cute. Even this line:

Yes, an interesting time indeed. But also, it’s a time to shed the skin, reflect and prepare for the best year of your life.

2020 wasn’t all bad news. In fact, it was one of the best years of our lives in that our 2nd daughter Brooklyn Hart arrived. We bought our condo. We stayed (somewhat) healthy. For all of this, we are extremely thankful.

In looking back, Coronavirus provided a lot of storylines. So blogging every day could have been doable. I’m not sure what pushed me off the tracks on March 23, 2020. Just kidding, Brooklyn was born 3 days later. ????????

So what the hell, lets give it another shot. Today is one day later than I started last year, but I’m armed with some ideas to write about. But I’m sure I’ll be fresh out the first week of January.

Footnote: my fitness plan is now underway in earnest – even before the beginning of the year. So diet, working out and blogging every day on top of doing everything else on my to-do list? Sounds like a powder keg. This should get interesting.

See you tomorrow! Good to be back. Hope you and your families are well. Let me know you’re still with us by dropping a comment below. Or stop by and leave a comment on Facebook, or Instagram.


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