Happy New Year!

P90X for 2012 - New Year's ResolutionHappy New Year. 2012 is here.

Just got back from a great getaway to Sanibel Island. The weather was perfect, it was a low-key New Year’s party at the hotel. I’m glad we didn’t try to plan anything big. It felt good to chill out. It was still a late night (which is why I’m already in bed), but it also is a big day tomorrow. First day of P90x and my new way of life! I know, cliche, cliche, cliche with it being New Year’s Resolution. But what the hell. I’m going to give it a shot.

Tonight Tara and I dined on pizza and Greek salad and we didn’t get off the couch since we got home. So it begins. This apartment is a disaster, and it’s back to work tomorrow – but not before Day 1 of P90X. Wish me luck. I need every little shred of it.

2012 in Sanibel Island, Florida


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