How much content should you create in one day?

If you have a business, sell a product, or you’re just trying to build your brand online, trying to determine how much content to post and where to post it has always been a burning, age-old question. For instance, how much content should you create in one day? The answer varies wildly.

There’s really no right answer. What a lot of companies and individuals have trouble with is what social platform to use in the first place. Each network has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your content.

Gary Vaynerchuck
Gary Vaynerchuk (via Brian Gove/Getty Images)

There is perhaps no better person at knowing the who, what, when, where, why and how’s of social media than Gary Vaynerchuk.

Vaynerchuk cut his teeth within his father’s wine company by turning few million in annual wine sales to north of $60 million all thanks to some creative moves online. And over time, Vaynerchuk has become the epitome of a true online hustler. He and his team work around the clock posting new content on various platforms to build his brand and promote his mega-companies.

How much content should you create in one day?

So I was interested to come across one of his most popular posts about creating content. It’s a tutorial on creating 64 pieces of content EACH DAY. That’s right. He lays out how it can be done and not require as much time as you may think. Check out this slide show. Just click the arrows at the bottom of the slideshow.

Although it sounds impossible, Vaynerchuk makes an argument for creating this much content (yes, on your own and without a team) and establishing a massive reach for your brand, company or product purely in an organic fashion. All free. Just hustle.

I’m intrigued by this concept. Maybe I’ll find a way to give it a shot.

What do you think? Is 64 pieces of content overkill? Do you think you could do it? Let me know about your strategy in the comments

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