How to follow a new team (I think?) the dish!

I’m from Minnesota and one thing is for certain, I will always love Minnesota sports teams despite how terrible they are. The Twins (Baseball) and the Vikings (Football) are my favorites, followed by the Wild (Hockey), then Gophers (Football/Basketball), then the Timberwolves (Basketball).

I am not a fan of the NBA. And the last time I was a true fan of the Timberwolves was back when Pooh Richardson and Randy Breuer were on the squad. I remember Breuer’s awkward 7’3″ frame dumping in those patented hook shots over defenders. It was enough to make any TWolves fan giddy. Awkward, but amazing at the same time.

Well, those days are over.

I haven’t watched them since – nor do I care to. So I’m following a new team. Starting two days ago, I’m going to be an Orlando Magic fan (a team with some promise). In Orlando, the beautiful Amway Arena was just built and recently opened (just a few blocks away from the old arena).

He's laughing because he could destroy you.

The team has some great players, and Coach Van Gundy is animated and doesn’t take any BS. That’s enough to pique my interest in a team. Dwight Howard has the most freakish shoulders I’ve ever seen on a human being – so he’s character in himself.

With that said, I purchased one of the Magic’s newest jersey’s (ones they haven’t even worn yet!) and will proudly display it when I attend or watch a game from the comfort of my couch. Yes, it’s a Dwight Howard jersey. My shoulders don’t quite do it justice, so I’ll opt for an undershirt.

At press time, the Magic are 12-4 this season.

The Timberwolves are 4-13.

I think I made the right decision.

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