How to read all your old tweets on Twitter

Twitter is quite a way to communicate, isn’t it!? I love it. But it wasn’t always that way.

In 2009, I thought Twitter was childish. Who the hell is going to post two sentences and have it mean anything to anyone?

Well, I was clearly wrong. It’s blown up to be how many of us gather news, communicate with friends, family and colleagues, tell jokes, find out drama and learn about events.

Have you ever wondered how to read all your old tweets on Twitter? Well, back on December 19, 2012, Twitter made this a possibility for everyone. Now you can can read about your old car, your bad or good days at work, elections, parties, tragedies, great times, the ‘selfies’, the videos, the… well, everything.

Click through the slides above for the ‘quick and dirty’ on downloading your Twitter archive. Enjoy!

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Josh Benson


  • Thanks, Josh. I’ve been trying to figure this out for awhile. Why are there so many files and folder associated with the download?

    • Thanks, Jeff. Essentially, Twitter is pulling all of files you need to properly view your tweets from the web and containing them in that folder. The index.html file is the actual ‘home’ page that pulls in the other elements. ‘img’ is the necessary images. ‘tweets.csv’ is a comma separated spreadsheet of all of your tweets, ‘css’ helps style the look and feel of the page and the ‘data’ file contains a Javascript folder (JS) and that just drives the functionality of the mini-website. Hope you’re enjoying your tweets! Thanks for the comment.

Josh Benson


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