I was invited to fly with the Blue Angels

Today my boss called me into the conference room to unload a ‘great idea’ for some upcoming content. He asked me if I wanted to fly with the Blue Angels. Wow, the BLUE ANGELS. Now THAT would be some great content. I thought about it for about 3 seconds and said absolutely….not!

Yes, I said no. I know what you’re probably thinking. This guy is an idiot. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is a bucket list item. What a loser! All facts, perhaps. And yes, I am a bit idiotic to turn down such an amazing opportunity. But the truth is I would not handle it well. My stomach wouldn’t – to be exact. And as I thought about it further, now that I have kids – I would never fly with anyone outside of a passenger plane or jet. My luck we’d hit a bird on takeoff and that’d be it. Seeya in the next big one. In fact, a quick search of The Google, spit out this stat:

During the Blue Angels history, 27 Blue Angels pilots have been killed in air show or training accidents. Through the 2017 season, there have been 261 pilots in the squadron’s history, giving the job a roughly 10% fatality rate.

I don’t know how accurate this stat is, but even if it’s close, it’s not good. Regardless, check out this video of how talented these pilots are. They are truly some of the best.

Why not fly with the Blue Angels?

But these pilots are the BEST in the business, you say. Nothing will happen. Perhaps, but I’m not taking the chance. And plus, I don’t want to soil the instruments with vomit. Because I’m quite certain that would happen.

I was an alternate for this opportunity back in 2007-ish when I worked for KVOA-TV in Tucson, Arizona. A radio guy was in line to do it and if he didn’t, I was next in line. I got my physical, was cleared for takeoff and waited. But the radio guy was in good form to do it, and flew with the Blue Angels. I was secretly doing a happy dance since I dodged the bullet.

To be honest, I hate theme park rides. I don’t like roller coasters. Never have. So call me a baby, call me a wuss, call me what you want. But this 40-year-old is happy to have both feet planted firmly on planet Earth.

Would you fly with the Blue Angels if given the chance? Let me know in the comments.

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