IRS Cheetahs cancel softball game with GOP’s Team Cornyn

Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn must have been licking his chops to get on the softball diamond and leg out a double to score another run against the IRS Cheetahs.

The game was scheduled for today, but was abruptly canceled by the Cheetahs.

It could be that the Cheetahs don’t have enough players. We get it, other responsibilities get in the way in life. It happens in softball.

Or it could be related to recent reports claiming the IRS used extra scrutiny against Tea Party organizations seeking tax exempt status.

‘Team Cornyn’ was taken aback to hear the news from the IRS Cheetahs:

We contacted them to confirm our game which was scheduled for tomorrow night, and they said they needed to reschedule,” said Cornyn spokesman Drew Brandewie. “Guess they needed an extension.

The game looks as though it won’t be rescheduled.

What a waste of some perfectly good beers.



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