Is ibotta worth it? If you like extra money, then yes

I’ve preached about this app many times before, so my apologies if you’ve heard it. And no, I don’t work for ibotta. I just like that they give me money for things I already buy. If you’re looking to make any extra money per month on things you already plan to buy anyway, then this app may be something you want to to check out. It’s called ibotta. Long story short, you earn cash back on things you already buy from popular stores. Look in the app for offers they have on stuff you want to buy. Buy it and you get money back. Your earnings build in the app, then you just pay yourself with PayPal or Venmo. Done. So, is ibotta worth it? My wife and I have made $1,662 lifetime since the time of this writing, so I’d say so.

Is ibotta worth it?

But I don’t have the time to check apps

Hey, and I totally respect that. Time is money after all. And I hear this from all the skeptics. But it’s all a system. If you think earning an extra $20, $50, $100 or $162 per month (yes, we made that back in one month) isn’t worth it and your time is more valuable, then I won’t argue with you. But if you want a side-hustle for some extra cash to cover that cell phone or utility bill, then this may be something for you. All that is required is that you sign up, work through a few transactions and start to get the hang of it. And most importantly, be consistent in using it.

The gold is when you can start to realize that you need something and instead of buying it on the spot, check ibotta. For instance, if the dog needs a new bed, don’t just buy it at the local dog store – or from Amazon that second for that matter. Link up your Amazon account, check dog beds and you’ll be happy because many times ibotta has 5% cash back on pet products in Amazon. Order the bed. The dog gets a bed, you just made a couple bucks for exercising your fingers a few minutes longer.

Grocery delivery makes it even better

My wife is pregnant and we live in a condo – so grocery delivery is pretty sweet. She has groceries delivered from Publix right to the door via Instacart (and no, we don’t pay much extra, if any at all than going to the store). She linked up our ibotta account and she gets cash back EVERY time she shops. It may be fifty cents here, a dollar here. But that adds up. Before you know it you have $50 in your account. Here’s an example below.

Is ibotta worth it?

How do I make money?

There are a few ways to make money with the app. The key is to familiarize how it works and then start to use it. It’ll be a bit strange at first, but if you keep learning and keep applying it to scenarios, you’ll start to love using it and thinking about it when you’re ready to make purchases. Once you start to think about how you can use it to your advantage in situations, then prepare to reap the reward. Here is a breakdown of the various ways you can make money with ibotta.

How do I get started?

You need the app in order to make this work. Download it here. Full disclosure: when you sign up with this link you will likely get a bonus and we will as well. In the past it was $10! But they change it often. So once you make your first purchase they deposit it in your account. But then we’re on the same team and work to get group bonuses – so it’s a team effort.

Bonus tip: You can use other apps to stack your offers. Stacking is where you can really crush it. Use apps like the stores loyalty program apps like Target’s Circle, Rakuten (formerly eBates), SavingStar and others.

I’d love to hear how ibotta is saving you cash or if you recommend other apps that are working for you. Just drop them in the comments and I’ll check them out.

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