It’s a date (with myself)

I’m excited for Saturday. There’s nothing over-the-top exciting happening. My wife is going out with friends. And I get to play full-time Dad all day (and night). That’s a rarity around our house.

Thanks to my wife, Tara, our daughter is well taken care of. Tara spends her days tending to Bella’s schedule, her wins, losses, tantrums and learning experiences. I get my time when I’m in between works sprints, but for the most part, I depend on Tara to make sure Bella succeeds. It’s been a great plan so far.

Joker MovieBut Saturday, Dad is in charge. Tara gets a (well deserved) night away with girlfriends. Bella and I will find some fun things to do. But after Bella crashes (around 8 p.m.), I’m doing something I haven’t done in eons. I’m watching a movie.

Earth shattering, I know.

I’ve selected the movie ‘Joker’ with Joaquin Phoenix? No, not because my company is named Joker Media, but because I have wanted to see this movie for months. It’s very intriguing and ratings from my friends and co-workers are all above-board.

So that’s my Saturday. There will be wine involved. I know you could have gone on with your life without knowing anything from this post. It was just interesting to be that I’m excited to actually stop, slow down, shut off the phone, open the wine and watch a movie. Sometimes its hard to remember to do that in this busy life.

Funny what you look forward to when you get older.  BTW, have you seen Joker? What are you thoughts? Let me know below.

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