It’s not a shower, it’s a sprinkle?

Guys never really have it figured out. But boy, we learn quickly when we have to. Did you know that a baby shower for your second kid isn’t shower. They call it a sprinkle, allegedly. I mean, it makes sense. Today, the lovely ladies in Orlando (friends and family) threw a beautiful ‘sprinkle’ for Tara.

The room was made up beautifully at the Alfond Inn in Winter Park. It’s a great little hotel I’ve never even been to before. But it was full of character. The hostesses did an amazing job on the decorations and making the day special along with some of our closest friends and family. Tara was beautiful, very pregnant and extremely thankful.

I showed up near the end and brought Bella. She walked in and surprised Tara with some flowers and a big hug. Bella can’t wait to meet her new sister. In fact, she thought she was going to meet her today! I had to explain to her the wait is a few more weeks yet. She didn’t mind. She’s become pretty patient in the dawn of her four years on the planet.

But now that I’m 40 and know the difference between a shower and a sprinkle, I feel – well, the same. Just a bit smarter? Actually, just gracious and thankful for the wonderful friends we have who care to take the time to attend the event and share some laughs, good cake and great company to celebrate the newest member of the group due in late March: Brooklyn Hart Benson.


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