I’ve been hit by the Strep train

I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of a thousands knives stabbing the back of my throat. Strep and I were always friends (especially in the younger years). But to get it at age 40 is some B.S. What started as the infamous ‘tickle’ in the back of the throat turned sinister. What I thought was allergies (silly boy), morphed into the thousand throat lashings, full body ache and crushing headache I’ve grown to remember as a kid.

I seriously remember getting strep throat all the time as a kid. It’s amazing to me I still have my tonsils. The doctor even asked the same. But he said as an adult if you get it 5-6 times a year, they need to come out. 5-6 times? I can barely hand this bout. Geez, man. Let’s slow down a touch.

Strep Throat
If you’ve had strep throat, you know the feeling.

There is mounds of work to be done, but when you’re flat on your face in bed, there’s not much that will get accomplished. Work? Forget it. Dealing with the toddler? Thank God I have a good wife. Dogs? Thank God I hire good dog walkers.

To even write this is a challenge. But knowing I have two, big, white horse pills coursing through my body gives me some relief the war inside has begun. And Amoxicillin is a tough bitch to beat.

I hope to be somewhat mobile tomorrow and getting back into the groove. But thank goodness this was only strep. No flu this round. And surely no Coronavirus. And I haven’t lost limbs or died for that matter, so I shouldn’t be bitching. Just venting to you, dear reader.

See you when I’m vertical.

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