T-minus 4 days: My P90X plan for 2012

Let the cliches start rolling.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I have failed so miserably, so many times at this workout program that I’m stubborn to be back. But maybe that is why one day I’ll succeed. After the onslaught of laziness, alcohol, food, naps and sedentary lifestyle all thanks to a end of the year wedding, early Christmas vacation to Minnesota, another Christmas in Florida and New Years holiday, I’ve had it. I usually feel like this at the end of the each year. But now that I’m in my 30s, I better start doing something about it. It’s already too late!

So for about the 10th time, I am tackling P90X. No, not P90X 2 as most people are buying up right now. I don’t deserve it. As much as I want to try something new, I need to finish what I’ve started. And start I have! Time and time again, I do P90X and make it in about a month or so before something knocks me off the tracks. Here is the 5th time. And the 6th.  I’m hoping I can do it this time.

One more Shot at P90XIronically, as I write this, Tony Horton is a guest on Dr. Oz. A sign? Ha. I need all the help I can get. And this blog – while no one probably cares about my day-to-day turmoil in trying to succeed at this program, it will help me stay focused and avoid the disastrous fall from the wagon. So the more I can make myself feel guilty, the better! Better blog! Better workout! Better bring it!

There already isn’t enough time in the day. So my plan is to attack this in the morning before work – from the confines of my home-office. I have the tools: dumbbells, pull up bar, push-up bars (Xmas present!), yoga block (Xmas present!), yoga mat, socks, shoes, fan, water and my girlfriend’s cat to stare at me blankly in disgust and support at the same time.Cardio X

Today I did Cardio X to start waking up the bones. And as cliche as it is, I’ll be starting the first Monday after New Years. 2012, baby. Time. To. Go.

So for all of you out there preparing to tackle a workout regimen this New Year, good luck. Lets try not to be done by the 15th (of January). If there’s anything I’ve learned in my older age is that when I DON’T work out, my mind is mush and by body follows. So here’s to a final run at P90X. And I’ll go ahead and put in my request for my April birthday present: P90X 2.

Let’s hope. Godspeed.

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  • Hope it works; you have 2 hurdles; wedding in Minny and a cruise on which you cannot eat or drink a thing. Good luck! Bring your CD to the gym on the Crown Princess, not enough room in your plush ship-room.

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