LTV: Viewer not having the morning antics

I’ve added a new section to the blog called “Love Thy Viewer”. You can find a link to this collection of goodies on the menu bar. In it, you’ll read some pretty good viewer emails we receive in the TV business. I’m collecting them from friends in the news business all around the country. I’ll be omitting specific names and station call letters, but you’ll get the idea of some of the best, worst and just plain ugly things people fire at us in the news business.  Enjoy!

This one came from a morning viewer. It’s a bit tame, but she’s had it I think:

A little joking on the morning news does add a nice touch, but you all are way over doing it…you are just plain silly – especially you, (omitted).  I tune in to your station, to hear the news, not to hear (omitted) giggling…way too much, or to hear (omitted)’s opinion of EVERYTHING. (Omitted), you are not a comedian, stick to the news – you’re CONSTANTLY poking fun at (omitted and omitted) and is not funny.

The  morning news show has gone from excellent to poor, silly and unprofessional and I am beginning to like your competitor better and I am just giving you my opinion before I make the switch.

Also, I can not believe that you three did not know that the photo was of a black widow spider and did not know about the red hour glass on her stomach….you actually had to Google it !! Oh my gosh.

The morning news show has definitely gone downhill.

– A bored listener :=(

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