LTV: Viewer knows how to fix local news

Here’s a Tucson viewer with an idea. I’ve already started seeing some stations do this type of thing.

I rarely watch the local news any more unless I tape it so I can scan through commercials and news stories that have zero interest for me.

Here is a tip to KVOA, KOLD, KGUN and KMSB News.

Who wants to take over and stay at number #1?

Take a page from ESPN’s SportsCenter. They’re smart because they listen to their viewers. Now, they have a story countdown on the left so you know when the story you care about is coming. For example, if I see that Nascar and NHL highlights are next and it will be about 10 minutes until Stanford/Oregon highlights, this is a great! I love it. I can jump in the shower or cook some soup, knowing it will be ten minutes before the story I care about is on.

This is such an easy and innovative concept! I get so peeved when any of the local news here keep saying, “coming up soon, THE XYZ NEWS STORY.” Then I wait and sit through 11 minutes of junk news to see the XYZ NEWS STORY.

I feel like the local news duped me into throwing away 11 minutes of my life.

I have no loyalty to any one news station in Tucson. But if any of them implement the ESPN SportsCenter, STORY COUNTDOWN, they win win me as a loyal viewer!

Troy B.

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