Mastering the Golf Ball Snow Globe

How to win the golf ball snow globeIt took about an hour, but I mastered the Golf Ball Snow Globe.  And that’s a big deal to me because this could have been a colossal time-waster. So I wanted to make quick work of it. I was told it could take days, months even – to master the Golf Globe. Because if you’re too aggressive, you won’t get the ball to sit on the tee.

Brainless exercise? Perhaps. But an exercise nonetheless.

It teaches you patience. Something I need more of.  So here is the proof.

The only hint I have for you is to rest the globe on a hard surface, wait until the bubble stops moving and with one quick motion, flick the whole globe toward you and back and set down. The ball will jump up. And if you’re lucky, you’ve become a master.

Congrats. Now onto something else less important.

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