T-minus 3 days: My P90X plan for 2012

Okay.  It’s for real now. I better get used to this daily blogging thing to help me stay focused on my ridiculous plan to tackle P90X the next 90 days.

Today was jam packed. But all days are going to be. Conference calls, website work, TV News, dinner with the gal. But I did squeak in a modified version of Kenpo X prior to work. Got to keep the blood moving. Feeling much better than I did a week ago. I could stand to drop 10 based on the holiday pictures that are popping up.

So it begins. But not without one more weekend of indulgence. Heading to Sanibel Island tomorrow for the weekend. I have the day off – which is GREAT. New Years weekend with Tara then it’s back to pay the Piper.

Maybe I’ll get a workout in tomorrow? Maybe not. It’s my last time I have a choice. This could get ugly.


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