My wife’s favorite app (and it isn’t what you think)

There is an app for that. We’ve heard that a million times by now. Because, well, there really is an app for just about anything. I’ve discovered that I use the same few apps over and over again. There is one app that has become more popular than a lot of the others in recent years, and it turns out to be my wife’s favorite app.

It’s not Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Messages for that matter. It’s Timehop. Timehop has a simple premise – connect your accounts that showcase any posts or images/video and timehop will show you what happened on this day a year ago, two years ago, etc. etc.

According to Timehop:

Timehop created the digital nostalgia category and continues to be THE team reinventing reminiscing for the digital era. We have more “old” photos and content than ever before, yet most of the internet focuses on “new”. We believe there is a massive untapped opportunity to build new ways of consuming, storytelling with, and finding meaning in our digital histories.

My wife loves checking out these memories (especially since our 3 year old pops up a lot in them). I have to admit, I think it’s funny to see what life was like on this day a few years ago.

Like this gem from 2 years ago:

If you haven’t downloaded it, give it a try. It’s a peaceful break from the day.

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