Naked jogger taken down with taser

I just wrote an entry about some of the most bizarre stories we cover in Orlando. And here we go again. This was a story makes the list for sure (as reported on our WFTV-TV website):

Naked Man Tased
Out for a brisk run

A police dashboard-cam and taser-cam video has been released showing a West Melbourne police officer chasing down a naked jogger wearing swimming goggles and nothing else.

The officer had to use his taser to get him to stop.

“I’m like, ‘Don’t run, I’m gonna tase you, stay down!’ So what does he do? He just keeps running,” said the arresting officer.

The officer’s commentary was captured on his dashboard camera. He ordered the jogger to stop, but 18-year-old Anthony King of Palm Bay just kept going.Finally, the officer got out of his car and used his taser to bring the foot pursuit to a sudden stop.

Video clearly captured the series of events what happened from a camera mounted on the officer’s taser device. King hit the ground hard and had to be transported to Wuesthoff Medical Center with some cuts, and because he was incoherent. It has not been determined if he was on any drugs.

King was released on his own recognizance.

NAKED MAN TASED: Raw Video | See Images

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