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missouri mansion I came across a bizarre story in MSN Real Estate about a 72,000 square-foot house being built in Missouri. Yes, it could be the one of the largest new houses in the country, but the story is intriguing because no one is exactly sure who’s going to live there.

The home under construction between Ozark and Branson, just off U.S. 65.

Even more interesting is that zoning requirements in the area mean that only one family will live in the home. If the mansion were to house an average four-person family, each person would get about 18,000 square feet of space. That could put an end to any sibling rivalries.

Of course, it’s not exactly clear who will live in the home. Ozark’s local newspaper, Christian County Headliner News, dug up some ownership information on the property, but that’s about as far as it got.

“Records show the building is owned by the Steven T. Huff Family LLC, but exactly who Steven T. Huff is, is largely unknown. His brother, Joe Huff, Ozark, verified the ownership of the property but was reluctant to disclose any more information. ‘The technology involved with the construction is proprietary in nature,’ Joe Huff said. ‘It’s not information we are prepared to talk about right now.'”

Wonder where we could put something like that in downtown Orlando. Maybe just float it in the middle of Lake Eola. Maybe the Magic could live there. Well, good to see the economy is turning around.

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