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Kenneth Moton
Kenneth Moton

My buddy Kenneth Moton is heading to a colder climate – but a hot television market. Kenneth is a reporter at our station WFTV and he just landed a job at WPVI, the ABC station in Philadelphia (Market #4).

Kenneth works night-side on the same shift as me and is often going live in some dark, spooky places covering crazy stories! He’s always been a happy and positive guy in the newsroom – a trait that can be awfully difficult to pull off when stress moves in and takes over the place during breaking news.

Eric Rasmussen TV News
Eric Rasmussen

I wish Kenneth luck in his new job. It’s well deserved!

Also leaving our nest is Eric Rasmussen. Eric is a solid reporter and knows his stuff when it comes to politics. Eric has been hired at Fox’s KTVU in Oakland (Market #6).He starts in March.

Eric never had a problem confronting elected officials or getting to the bottom of a hot-button controversy and uncovering the facts. He’s a solid reporter through and through.

Eric came to Orlando four years ago from Fresno. He’s a California native. He and his wife Erika will be truly missed. Erika also works at WFTV and I’ve enjoyed working with her ever since I started. She’s hilarious!

Good luck and I hope the invitation to the west coast beaches is an open one.

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