New Year: From Miami with love on this holiday

Welcome to 2014.

We hope you had a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve.

We do what we do every year – get all dressed up for no apparent reason, make food, watch (more like hear) fireworks outside on our balcony and ring in the new year quietly. We’ve never been big on shelling out ‘Miami-Cash’ for a night out on New Year’s Eve.

We could hear Pitbull’s outdoor concert from the American Airlines Arena down the street. Mr. 305 must have had a hell of a night. We could see some of the fireworks. We had cheap bubbly. We didn’t have party favors because CVS was out. We were all dressed up with no place to go and we were fine with it. But it was a good time for a photo op. I busted out my camera and discovered a way to take pictures while it’s hooked up to my laptop. The result is the slideshow above. A couple pretty good photos despite not really knowing what I’m doing. And a whole lot of bizarre ones.

We can’t post pictures of our kids frolicking in the snow or wearing his or her new outfits. We can’t show you the slobber from the big dog that’s licking said kids. No, we’ve got cats for now. Talented, Tuxedo-wearing, arrogant, loving and clever little balls of fur.

So from our house to yours, we wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014 full of live, love and all the Fancy Feast you can put in your Publix bag.

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Josh Benson


  • Oh man, this is my favourite new years post so far. I love it and the photo slideshow simply rocks mate! I wish you, Tara, Seaweed and Scarlett a fantastic 2014. May you continue living the dream and being fabulous! Rock On!

Josh Benson


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