One month down, two more to go

Tony Horton of P90X I don’t like to work out. But I have to do it. We all should. The hardest part is getting started – but if I can get started, I usually make it through the day’s workout. Today I’ll have finished the first month of P90X – the workout plan you’ve probably seen on TV infomercials. They’re always on.

Basically, it’s an intense workout requiring only a pull-up bar and some weights. You use your body weight for a lot of the exercises. It can leave you beat. Each workout is about an hour, but three days a week you do abs after the workout. That tends to be rough.

I’ve never successfully completed the 90 days. I think this is my 5th time starting. What a quitter. Well, I hope to change that this time around. I average about a month and a half then something happens to knock me off the workout horse. So wish me luck and we’ll see if I can’t make the 90 days. It’s a nice day outside. I think I’ll head to the pool and work out later.

Heh. See. Have a good Sunday, everyone.

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