Poland Spring caught with tweets down

Most Americans like promises of moving our country in the right direction – especially if they’re kept. But not nearly as much as they like a Republican wetting his whistle during a speech following the President’s State of the Union address.

It wasn’t President Obama’s plan to raise the minimum wage to $9.00. It wasn’t his plan to put more boots on the ground on our country’s borders. It wasn’t a sweeping gun law package, clean energy defense plan or a path to citizenship. No, those topics were watered down thanks to Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s sneaky reach-and-grab of an ice-cold pony bottle of Poland Spring Water.

It’s quite ridiculous, if you think about it. With our country facing so many challenges, the discussion at today’s water cooler centers around what most will be doing…quenching thirst.


My Google search of ‘rubio water’ returned about 27,500,000 results in a blistering 0.28 seconds. The domain name RubioWater.com has already been picked up by an outfit named Abusaki Ventures, LLC out of Phoenix, AZ. There is a winner, my friends. Absusaki was on the ball because they seized a big moment. What they do with the domain? No idea. But at least they were thinking.

The losers in this whole night of confused American focus was Poland Spring Water.

Marco Rubio WaterThey had the sense to create a Twitter account on June 29, 2009 – but 38 Tweets later, they still haven’t quite figured out what Twitter is used for. Yes, their water is delicious. I’ve had it. Their website is beautiful, albeit the Flash programming looks good, but loads slowy – painfully slow when everyone is slamming it the day after the biggest product promotion the company will ever experience.

Really, the blame should shoot up the chain to Nestle Waters North America, the Papa Bear to Poland Spring. Sheesh…parenting.

This is a new age and Marco Rubio’s choice in delicious Poland Spring Water should be a lesson to every company out there. Twitter moves fast. Your opportunity for massive exposure (good or bad) could come at any moment.

Don’t get caught with your Tweets down. You may only get one shot.

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