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I can’t say enough good about the Vikings. Sure, they’ve angered us Minnesotans in the past with their last minute losses, fumble follies and downright disappointment.

I feel like the Vikings deserve a Super Bowl win. The Twins nailed the World Series a few times, but they are overdue for another. The Wolves? Well, one miracle at a time. And Gopher sports just has me downright embarrassed. I say the Vikes and Twins need championship wins because of us…the fans.

Nice glasses, geek.
Nice glasses, geek.

I hate the Yankees. Always have. Yeah, they’re good. They’re amazing, actually. The payroll, the egos…I guess I’m fed up. And they beat the Twins in the Playoffs this year. So I’m bitter.

Adding insult to injury is that I had to look at Jay-Z and Kate Hudson in the stands smiling, laughing…and thinking their team was unstoppable (which in the end, rang true). I’m tired of celebrities supporting and promoting their popular “coastal” teams. Why can’t Minnesota have that? Yeah, we’re from the sticks, we have a lot of farmers and we talk funny. But we have damn good athletes. We just need to tie it all together. That’s where the fans come in. No celebrities though….or is there?

I was watching the Vikings smoke the Bears the other day and I was looking at the fan shots as the network took them…scanning the crowd. I caught myself thinking, “why the hell can’t there be a big time celebrity chillin’ in the stands rooting on the Vikes? I mean, we have a great team, a wicked 40 year old quarterback, a set of receivers with sticky hands and a O and D line that destroys. Why couldn’t someone like….like…Prince or somebody be in the stands?”

Just as I had my thought, they took the cutaway to the box seats and…

Never one for showing emotion, but God Bless ya, Prince. You're rootin' on the Vikes.
Never one for showing emotion, but God Bless ya, Prince. You're rootin' on the Vikes.

Here is to the Vikings successful post season rout….and keeping up the Purple Reign.

Thanks, Prince. I have a whole new respect.

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