Laboring this Labor Day

Working on Labor DayWhat is is like to have Labor Day off? I can’t say I’ve ever had it off. Television news never sleeps, and for that reason – I’ve worked the last 10 labor days as far as I can remember.

I can’t say I mind. The days are quiet, people are happy and things get done in a quiet, controlled atmosphere.  The roads aren’t busy. And I can use a day off some other time during the year for working on a holiday. So I can’t complain.

But as I head to work, I really just wondered: “What in the heck do people do on Labor Day!?” In Minnesota, I recall it’s cabins, fishing, beer and BBQ – intermixed with a glorious nap.

In Florida, I have no idea.

Whatever it is, enjoy! And check the news just before hitting that power nap.


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