Rough and Rougher

Man falls into cactus during golf
Thanks to Gabe Assour for the pic (via Facebook) No idea who this poor guy is.

I lived in Tucson, Arizona for five years. The golf courses were absolutely amazing. They were extremely manicured, cut perfectly out of the desert with bright green grass. It was a amazing they could get something so pretty to grow on hot rocks. However they do it, it was a treat to play some of the nicer courses.

But to play a ‘desert course’ is to be in for some surprises. There are the vicious threats like rattlesnakes. They can kill you. I only saw one rattlesnake on the golf course in the five years of playing courses there. There are also animals like big-eared rabbits (that’s what I call them) and roadrunners. They’re harmless.

But one threat that can be avoided but rarely is would have to be the cactus. If you’re like me and rarely hit decent fairways shots from the tee box, you’ll be dancing in prickly hell if you’re not careful. You must move very gingerly. If you don’t, your score rises and you end up like this guy. I’ve had my fair share of cactus ‘pricks’  but NOTHING like this poor sap. Apparently this guy was playing golf near Scottsdale when he was trying to hit from the rough. After his shot, he fell backwards into what looks like a Jumping Cholla cactus. The worst kind, in my book.

Hit em’ straight!

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  • The picture is very old. It was taken in Nelson, NV. You can actually go there, have a look at the antique stuff and vintage cars (it’s worth it) and ask the owners about the guy 🙂 Greetings from Germany 😉

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