Run for your lives, the season of sickness is upon us

If you’re a parent of a toddler, you’re all doomed. Well, that’s not entirely true, but perhaps likely. This flu season is off to the races and taking hostages every step of the way. In fact, according to the CDC, there have been at least 6.4 million flu illnesses and 55,000 hospitalizations. They’re calling it the worst flu season in a decade. Thankfully (and aggressively knocking on the wooden desk as I type this), our family has not become a flu statistic (yet).

We have, however, received the butt of everything else. 2 months ago our 3.75 year old started with a bad cough. Then my pregnant wife got it, then I got it. It was a deep, monstrous cough that made everyone’s life hell. Bronchitis was the official diagnosis I believe. But again, 2 months later, I have gotten rid of it, my wife is close (no thanks to that weakened pregnant immunity) and my daughter still struggles with it.

Toddlers sick 2020
It’s no fun being sick, but any furry friend can help make it feel a bit better.

Bella has been spiking fevers left and right. Last week we took her to urgent care. Boom – ear infection. That resulted in two shots to the quadriceps. She loved that (said no one). We thought we were out of the woods. Meanwhile, friends and friends’ kids were falling like flies with flu, strep, ear infections. And keep in mind, the kids aren’t even in school! The madness!

But the cough and the fevers came back. Two days ago we took her to urgent care again. She got a flu test (loved that too). Negative. So that was a relief. Doc said it was likely a virus. No kidding. So we waited. Last night 103 temperature. Something was definitely wrong. It had to be the flu creeping in. So my wife took Bella to the doctor only to find it was strep throat. My God, the hits keep coming. At least it wasn’t the flu. But after a shot in the butt, she’s on the road to recovery…while mom and dad wait nervously on the sidelines for that tickle to start in the throat. Please. No.

Flu statistics
Don’t believe me? Here are some numbers to compare. (via CNN)

If you’ve dealt with the flu, my apologies and I hope you and your loved one are on the speedy road to recovery. Same if you’ve experienced anything else. Hopefully we’re almost out of the woods and we enjoy life free of the coughs, aches, pains, chills and whatever hellish ingredient necessary in baking that season of sickness cake.

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