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I was fortunate enough to attend the 2nd Annual Runway to Hope event at the Waldorf Astoria this past weekend. Remind me to never, EVER complain about having a bad day or feeling like I’m getting sick. In fact, just punch me. Runway to Hope is an event that supports children and families in Central Florida impacted by pediatric cancer. The kids who walked the runway are dealing with pain none of us can imagine. They are much stronger than I’ll ever be.

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It was a powerful event. In fact, one mother spoke in front of the entire room of 1,200+ people. That’s tough in its own right, but she was telling her story of how she buried her little daughter months before. She lost her battle with cancer. She was supposed to attend the event. It was gut-wrenching.

Princeton has stage-4 cancer. Hard to believe, isn't it?

But the event goes above and beyond in support of  families and their children affected by pediatric cancer  by giving them days of pampering, fun at local venues and, of course, the thrill of walking the runway. Some were extremely sick. You would never guess. This was their night. Others were in remission and fighting onward (with much bravery).

I met some amazing families. It was an event that really opened my eyes. And it was nice to see Central Florida support such a great cause to help the little ones who fight just to see their next day.

Congratulations to the families, the kids, the organizers and all of Central Florida for a job well done. It was a massive event, and that means the financial support should be just as big. And the kids sure need it.

Click here to see a big collection of images from the event.

To learn more about Princeton’s story click here.

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