Shuckers restaurant deck collapse

The big story Friday was the Shuckers restaurant deck collapse in South Florida. The restaurant is located a very small town called North Bay Village – very close to Miami. The restaurant is known for it’s back patio on the pier of Biscayne Bay. Boats and Jet Skis cruise by as patrons enjoyed the sun and breeze coming off the water.

Shuckers Bar & Grill

But Friday, the scene wasn’t nearly as serene. Nearly 100 patrons were on the deck watching the Miami Heat take on the San Antonio Spurs during the NBA finals. Just before half-time, the Heat made a big play and the crowd jumped and cheered, cracking the underbelly of the deck in a V-shape and tossing everyone into the water. Two dozen people were injured, 15 were sent to the hospital, 2 critically.

Media outlets are now working to find out how this all could have happened. We are reviewing building permits and keeping tabs on the injured. Friday was a busy day for the Media, and social media helped tell the story of what happened the night before with flurries of images coming in from all kinds of sources online.

Check the slideshow above for images from the Shuckers restaurant deck collapse.

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