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Alexander Renzi
Alexander Renzi

I had a great discussion with an associate of Wharton Ventures today. WVP, as it’s called, is a student-run venture capital fund. Alexander Renzi was my guest today on the Spreecast Tech & Biz Channel . T&B is all about technology and business from those who are living it – and doing a pretty great job.

The Tech & Biz Spreecast highlights stories from top CEOs and founders of great companies. But today, my discussion with Renzi was about school, the Ventures program and much more. Renzi is thisclose to becoming one of these great business minds with a promising future as a CEO of some great company that hasn’t been developed yet. I’m convinced.

He told me what the Wharton MBA program is all about, how the Ventures program works and even some success and failure stories of one of his first start-ups ‘Goji & Me’ – a custom cereal company. Basically, you’d pick the ingredients, create your cereal and they’d ship it to your door. The company grew very quickly only to be shut down by disagreements by the members. There were some great lessons learned that, I’m sure, will help Renzi navigate his future as he grows in the business world.

That’s the story in a nutshell. I’ve embedded the Spreecast below. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Also, please follow me on Twitter at @jpbenson for information on upcoming Tech & Biz Spreecasts!

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