Squeege is eating our chips

994squirrel_shoots_backI came across some of my old, 8mm video tapes the other day. I shot a lot of video back in college during parties, band rehearsals in the basement and just anything else that would make for some great video. This was by far one of the greatest ‘gets’ I got back then. It’s the day Squeege the Squirrel broke into our house and ate our chips.

Squeege was the neighborhood squirrel that would torment us whenever he had the change. He’d make noise, crawl on our screens, jump on our couches on the porche (yes, we stuck couches on our porch) and he’d constantly try to break into the house.

‘Squeege is eating our chips’

I had just started an internship at a Minneapolis TV station when I had just gotten home for the day. I walked into the living room and there he was. Squeege had succeeded at breaking and entering. Back then you couldn’t just pull out your cell phone and start rolling. But lucky for me, my old 8mm camera was in the kitchen (probably from the last, weekend party) and had enough juice and tape to start rolling. Not only did I get Squeege eating our chips, buy I also captured the sheer filth we used to live in. And pizza. Notice the pizza boxes stacked on the garbage can. Yep, that was living. Those were the days.

This is video of the day Squeege ate our chips.

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