Sunglasses, I curse thee

I lost my Ray Bans
I don’t know what it is about sunglasses. I come from the thinking that if you buy a crappy pair of shades, you’re making a wise, financial decision. I look at some people and see they spend anywhere from $100-$500 for their sunglasses. Well, my track record is garbage. I lose them all the time. They’re usually the first thing to go. Watches are a close 2nd. But I have the worst luck with sunglasses. When I was on a cruise, we stopped in Belize. I bought a knock-off pair of ‘trendy’ shades as my girlfriend calls them. $20. What a steal. I had them for months. It was great.

I broke them last week. I tried to superglue them. But then stopped and asked myself what the hell was I doing? That simply doesn’t work. So on a recent trip to Miami I did the unthinkable…everything I’m against. I bought the same style, only they were Ray Bans. Trendy, I say. And overpriced. My girlfriend felt it was a good move. I was having a good day, so what the hell.

They made their way back home to Orlando with me. But the following morning….Gone. No where to be found. Gone. It’s happened again. It’s like taking a wad of cash and shredding it. It makes me sick.

So I think I tell this tale of woe for catharsis. Because I’ll never learn. And I suppose I’ll never find those Ray Bans. Nice move, Trendsetter.


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