Surviving the week thanks to the Geico camel commercial

Once in a great while, a commercial comes along that will make me stop in my tracks and literally laugh out loud. In an age where agencies that try too hard to be funny when creating a commercial – few get it right. They can be high or low budget, but like a good standup comedian, timing is everything. Oh, and a big camel can helps as well.

Enter the Geico camel commercial: Hump Day. Geico is known for off-the-wall commercials that highlight washed-up actors, ridiculous life situations or the infamous cavemen. They really hit a home run when someone in the marketing department thought,

Why don’t we bring a camel into the office. Hump day, get it?

Sometimes a simple spark and great follow-through are all you need. In the end, it not only spells major bucks for an already popular and successful company, it adds a little hope for those of us struggling through a week of sleep depravity.

Hump dayyyyyyyyyyy!

Oh, and if you’re really in need of another gem, step back in time a bit and enjoy this lower budget commercial with a melodic and unforgettable tune: Hoveround… takes me where I want to go, where will it send me?

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