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I’m far too busy. There’s no doubt about it. I find there are not enough hours of the day to complete what I need to get done. But it’s a dilemma I’ve created. And actually, I like to stay busy. When I’m not, I start to fidget. So there’s probably something psychological going on there – but I press on.

Today we took a walk to the park to get just chill. It was great. We took the dogs, the kids and were rewarded with a beautiful night near downtown Tampa.

I think when you’re addicted to work, you miss out on a lot of life’s simple pleasures. This walk was definitely one of them.

The kids laughed and played, the dogs stretched their legs, I eased my aching back by actually moving. It was all good.

Sometimes you need a reminder to get off your ass and start living.

Today was one of those days. ☀️

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