Taste of Tropical Storm Isaac

I have never been through a hurricane. That’s good and bad, I guess. Good because they can be deadly, damaging and overall, unpleasant, so avoiding them would be the best option. But Mother Nature doesn’t really give you a choice.

We were lucky in Downtown Miami to only have to deal with Tropical Storm Isaac and its swath of rain it dumped along the coasts of South Florida and inland. It would later grow to a Category 1 Hurricane, mostly missing those concerned and preparing for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. It made landfall near New Orleans, Louisiana as a hurricane and moved slowly onto land where it dumped feet of rain in some areas.

While I didn’t have to deal with massive amounts of flooding like the neighbors to our north, I did get a chance to feel some tropical storm winds whip through downtown, winds that seemed to be strengthened by the corridor created by the highrises throughout. So while this isn’t video of destruction or turmoil, it is a glimpse of some of Mother Nature’s power. And she doesn’t care if you’re in the scope of a category-5 hurricane or walking home from dinner (which we were) when she decides to remind you who’s boss.

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