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We live in a day and age where work gifts and parties are rare. The 80s were a time of excess and shenanigans: crazy holiday parties, big bonuses, extravagant gifts. Sadly, those days are a memory. Yes, it bled into the 90s. But in 2020 – while many companies enjoy big bottom lines – the giving is much less across the board. Regardless of who you work for. But I’m happy to report our TV station still observes a holiday party and yes, there are giveaways and gifts.

The gifts have ranged over the years: custom Yeti cups, branded ear buds, Bluetooth speakers, cooler bags and more. But this year they nailed it. We got branded fleeces. And these aren’t just any fleeces. They fit well and they protect you from the elements. The most damning element is the frigid air that pumps into the newsroom from just above my head. It can be 60 degrees outside, and feels like we keep it a balmy 50 degrees inside.

I’m not sure what the strategy is, or if there is one with this air system. Or if anyone knows there’s an issue for that matter. But thank the heavens, the fleeces have been put to good use. A quick glance around the newsroom and you’d think we’re a new army of journalists ready for war. It’s the go-to uniform of 2020.

So thank you WFLA and Nexstar for the gifts. They’re being used daily. Hourly. By the minute. No cold blast of air is going to stop me from preparing and delivering the news to the world (or the Greater Tampa area, for that matter).

What’s the best (or worst) company gift you’ve ever received? Let me know in the comments.

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