The bird takes flight

Have you ever been to a sporting event and noticed you happened to land a spot in line with the television cameras? It’s the kind of seat you either had some really good contacts in order to swing the tickets, or you just happened to be in the limelight by chance. You know you called your friends to tell them ‘watch for me, I’ll be on’.

Matthew Bartlett Middle FingerI have to believe that was going through the head of 28-year-old Matthew Bartlett of Orlando when he happened to score seats to the gallery of the Casey Anthony Murder Trial. And he had a great seat – right in line with the lectern where the attorneys direct questions to the witnesses.

But instead of the obnoxious ‘I’m on TV!!!’ wave,  the traditional bicep curl or even the ugliest facial expression one can think up, Bartlett went for the gold. He let his bird take flight. Sneakily, might I add. The ‘rub your face, slide down the nose and FLIP THAT BABY’ move.

His sentence? Six days in jail and a $400 fine and $200+ in court costs. His job at T.G.I. Fridays may not be in jeopardy because his manager told us he’s a ‘passionate man’, and didn’t seem like she was too upset. Besides, the restaurant just got some serious publicity. Bravo. Sesame Jack Chicken Strips for everyone!

In the end, I’m wondering if he thinks it was worth it. There’s already a Facebook page in his honor. And his name will be added to the annals of history. Granted, for a bonehead move – but added, for that matter.

And if it was for attention, he got it. Look at me, this blog entry took 15 minutes of my life that I won’t get back. Thanks, Mr. Bartlett.


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